Friday, February 14, 2014

Countdown to Valentine's Day: Part V

Happy Valentine's Day!

I wanted to save this card for today because it's fannncy. Not fancy in the way that cards of this generation can have all sorts of baubles and glitter and bits on the front, nor is it fancy in the way some cards have music or vibrating parts. It's fancy in the sense that it's a semi-popup, 8 page greeting card. I should also mention that it's pretty big, 10.75" x 7.5" on a nice matte stock and is produced by Hallmark.

It's simply divided into each season of the year. Spring gets the front page and the remaining seasons are full spreads. Unfortunately, the popup portions of each spread are not very clear in my photos, but  just know that summer and winter have some popup foreground elements.

Here's each season and the corresponding copy: 

We will be sweethearts 
when spring fills the air,
we'll find enough rainbows
and flowers to share…
and we'll love.

 We will be sweethearts
when summer's sun shines,
we'll dream dreams together
and have happy times…
and we'll love.

 We will be sweethearts
when autumn leaves fall,
we will be thankful
for joys great and small…
and we'll love.

We will be sweethearts
when winter winds blow,
we'll spend cozy moments
beside the hearth's glow…
and we'll love.

Happy Valentine's Day
To My Sweetheart for All Seasons 

While you probably won't see Maginating producing a card of this style in the foreseeable future, isn't it neat to remember how vast and varied the same fundamental sentiment of "I love you," can be conveyed time and again - and through the ages. Like I said in an earlier post, love is love - no matter what, and time never changes this fundamental fact.