Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Promotional Piece With Legion Paper and a Lot of Talent!

We've just recently competed a promotional piece with Legion Paper and fifteen very talented letterpress printers and designers.  The project consisted of each printer creating a recipe card in their unique signature style utilizing papers sourced by Legion from around the world.  The recipe cards will be distributed at the upcoming National Stationery Show in New York from May 15-18 at the Jacob Javits Center.

See Legion's press release here:

Our card was done in collaboration with DeFrance Printing, a very fine 100+ year old company located in San Diego.  We chose to transform the Maginating and DeFrance logos into little anthropomorphic characters, wishing all who jot a recipe down on our card to enjoy their meal, or "bon appetit!"  We were fortunate enough to use Somerset Velvet Radiant White 330gsm, a very fine paper indeed.  

Special thanks to Marc Schotland at Legion Paper and Amber Ellis-Seguine of Flywheel Press for developing this project together.  Thanks for including us!

Come stop by our booth for a free card and to say hello - we'd love to see you there!